Maybe it will grow

I was thinking this morning about some recent, chance encounters with strangers. I think we all have those moments; when you instantly connect with someone, share something with each other, and then move on, knowing that you may never see your new friend again. Do you ever wonder what effect you have on those people? Or take the time to recognize the effect they’ve had on you? As I contemplated these questions, I was reminded of a dandelion when it’s full of seeds, ready to blow away.

Just like the dandelion, we put ourselves out there. We try to give advice or uplifting, and hope that it makes a difference. We have no way of knowing whether that seed will take root immediately, how long it might blow in the wind before it lands and plants itself, or where it might go on its way. There’s not really any way to keep track of all the many seeds we send out, either. But as we go through the world, dropping seeds of happiness and love everywhere we go, one day we’ll look around and notice that we’re surrounded by a whole field of bright, blooming dandelions. And we will know that some of them may have started with a seed we shared.


One response to “Maybe it will grow

  1. Not everyone leaves “seeds of happiness and love everywhere” they go, but I would bet that you do. It motivates me to be better to see these kinds of things verbalized like this. It’s easy to just wander through life and not notice the people around you–I bet you always talk to the cashiers at the store. I should be better at that. Thanks for pointing that out! I guess this is exactly what you were talking about, Eh stranger?

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