Who’s on first?

At a conference this week, Sister Shelley Nash used a great analogy to teach an even greater principle. She was attending her son’s football game, and as any proud mother would, she looked for her son from the stands. She didn’t see his typical jersey number anywhere, so she began looking for other clues to figure out which player was her man- socks, cleats, gait, haircut- anything that might help her identify him. Her inability to find her star player completely distracted her from the game. She had no idea what was happening ON the field, because she was scouring the sidelines as boys came off the field and removed their helmets. Finally, her husband arrived and easily picked out their son. Once she knew which jersey he was wearing, Sister Nash could recognize and follow him, giving her  a reason to watch the game.

Her concluding remark was, “If we know who we’re watching for, it gives us a purpose as we follow the Spirit and keep our eye on the Savior.”

We all know who Jesus is, right? He’s kind, loving, forgiving, selfless, and perfect. And He died for us. But how well do we know Him?

I’ve always thought that I knew who I was watching for, but as I’ve been studying His life more in depth over the past few weeks, I’ve realized that We can come to know Him so much more intimately than most of us do. We all know that Christ is our friend, but how good of a friend am I being to Him?

I think we’ve all had at least one relationship in our life when we put in so much effort to get to know the person, to be concerned for their welfare and ask questions to find out what’s important to them and what makes them tick- And they take and take and take, but never reciprocate. Serving someone in that way creates a love for them, and an attachment to them naturally, so it hurts that much more and is so much more discouraging to be on the active end of such a one sided relationship!

I hate the way that feels, and I would never want to be the deadbeat in a relationship with anyone, especially One who has given everything for me. On the other hand, if we DO reciprocate, those feelings of attachment and closeness will naturally develop from our side, too, creating an impenetrable bond between ourselves and “Him that loved us


One response to “Who’s on first?

  1. You’re really opening my eyes to something that I think is super important that I’d never been aware of before. To get to know Christ in this personal way as a help to myself and others was never something I’d seen this light. Thank you so much! This will really help me in my current daily struggles.

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