For everything, there is a season

Autumn is by far my favorite season. I love the leaves changing color and tumbling across my path, I love that perfect Autumn day when the crisp breeze cooperates with the lingering warmth of Summer, I love pumpkins and apples and Halloween and Thanksgiving and my birthday… It just doesn’t get any better! A wise friend of mine once pointed out, though, that every season is about the perfect length to instill in us an appreciation and anticipation of the next one. By the end of each season, I’m ready for the next one and all of the learning and growth it will hold.

Elder Marcus B. Nash once taught “that youth was like springtime: a time to plant the seed of the word of God such that when summer comes, the seed can be cultivated. Then, as we enter the fall season of our life, the fruits of the seed can be harvested, so that, upon arrival of the winter of our lives, we have laid up in store all we need to be able to bless others around us.”

It would be ideal if the Springtime of our life could be accomplished in our youth, but unlike the seeds of physical crops, it’s never too late to plant your spiritual seeds and go to the work of progressing from the tender shoots of Spring to the rich harvest of Autumn.


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