The ‘Easiness’ of the Way

In the Book of Mormon, the family of a prophet named Lehi journeys in the wilderness, and they’re given a special compass by God to help them find their way. Many years later, one of their descendants used this compass as an object lesson to teach his son: Alma 37:40 And it did work for them according to their afaith in God; therefore, if they had faith to believe that God could cause that those spindles should point the way they should go, behold, it was done… 43 And now, my son, I would that ye should understand that these things are not without a ashadow; for as our fathers were slothful to give heed to this compass (now these things were temporal) they did not prosper; even so it is with things which are spiritual. 44 For behold, it is as easy to give heed to the aword of Christ, which will point to you a straight course to eternal bliss, as it was for our fathers to give heed to this compass…  46 O my son, do not let us be aslothful because of the beasiness of the cway.

I came across this lesson recently while I was wrestling with the decision of whether or not to act on a prompting I was recieving from Heavenly Father. The prompting was asking me to do something very difficult for me, and I hoped I could just kind of ignore it… Not exactly disobey it, just not act on it right away and hope that in time it would change.

As I studied this chapter, I realized that it’s entirely up to me what I do with the direction I recieve. However, there are direct results to such choices. If I obey the prompting, I will continue to recieve further direction and blessings. If I choose to ignore or disobey the prompting, I’d sell myself short of that option.

The father wraps up his object lesson with these words of wisdom: for so was it with our fathers; for so was it prepared for them, that if they would dlook they might elive; even so it is with us. The way is prepared, and if we will look we may live forever.


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