Happy Happy Happy Birthday

Yesterday, I had the best birthday ever! Now, if you know me, you know that I’ve probably said that about every birthday I’ve ever had. Last night, as I was thinking over the day, I asked myself,

Why do we celebrate our birthday every year?

The more I learn about the Plan of Happiness that Heavenly Father has for us, the more deeply I understand that the opportunity we have to come to Earth really IS a reason to celebrate! The day I was born, I embarked on a journey that has allowed me to learn and grow and work daily toward returning to my heavenly home.

“Our Heavenly Father has been preparing us since we were taught at His knee in His kingdom before we were born. He is preparing us [today]. And He will continue to prepare us as long as we will let Him.

The purpose of all… preparation, in the premortal life and in this life, is to fit us, and those we serve for Him, for eternal life. Some of the first lessons in the premortal life surely included the plan of salvation, with Jesus Christ and His Atonement at its center. We were not only taught the plan but were in councils where we chose it.

Because a veil of forgetfulness was placed over our minds at birth, we have had to find a way to relearn in this life what we once knew and defended. Part of our preparation in this life has been to find that precious truth so that we can then recommit to it by covenant.” –President Henry B. Eyring 

So when we celebrate the day of our birth, we can appreciate how much progress we’ve made in the previous year, and evaluate how effectively we’re fulfilling the purpose of our preparation. We can feel gratitude for all of the blessings Heavenly Father has given us, and reflect on the greatest gift we’ve ever been given- The Atonement, which was literally given to us on our very first birthday as we were separated from everything we knew. The promise that if we do all we can, that we will be redeemed. A Happy Birthday, indeed!


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