Teach an Egg to Fly

As missionaries, we are limited in what dangerous pastimes we can indulge, but recently we discovered that over-thinking can be an incredibly destructive hobby…let us explain…

We got to talking about how it’s rather daunting to learn to love people, as deeply as necessary to be effective in this work, in the short amount of time that we have with them. Whether it’s your companion, or an investigator, or the ward members, you can’t accomplish anything until you learn to truly love them. The aspect of our assignment that makes this particularly difficult is the fact that we have the potential to be transferred every six weeks.

People come in a variety of packages – usually, very individual ones that cannot be fully compared to another, thus it can require time (sometimes years!) to develop even the most basic of relationships.  In being called and assigned as representatives of Jesus Christ, we have but 18months – 2 years in which to develop these relationships with as many desire to come to Christ. Often, we have but a few minutes in which to trust and be considered trust-worthy in the eyes of those we speak with. 

How daunting and discouraging it seemed to us for a moment as we pondered on our inadequacy to be so vulnerable, to be so open. With such an urgent and glorious message to share, we stumbled upon a period of desperation as we concluded that we were not able to share it without this ability to be accessible. 

We convinced ourselves that we are like eggs- we decided that we have the ability to love, but our natural defense mechanisms, or shells, keep us from connecting with those around us. Elder Jeffery R. Holland says, “You cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary egg. You must either be hatched or go bad… While it is hard for an egg to turn into a bird, it is impossible for an egg to learn to fly.”

Even though it’s uncomfortable at first, we’ve learned that it’s up to us to break through these shells and reach the people around us. As we work through our hardships, we will become much stronger than we were before- with an inner strength that goes far beyond a fragile exterior shell. The strength that comes from within can only be channeled as we place our center on our Savior, Jesus Christ. By allowing Him to be our foundation, there’ll be a helping hand waiting when that egg is ready to hatch.


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