To choose or not to choose…or what to choose…?

Perhaps, we often neglect to recognise how much of our lives our determined by our freedom to choose.  We choose to wake up in a morning; we choose whether or not to brush our teeth in the morning; we generally choose what we’d like for breakfast; we choose to simply breathe – however, subconscious the choice.  We also have the agency to prioritise the most significant choices in our lives…

“Do you feel the Spirit telling you that what we’re teaching is true?”


“So… are you going to act on it?”


“Well… Why not?”

More or less, we have had conversations like these with just about every person we’ve taught lately. We can teach a powerful lesson, have the Spirit with us the whole time, the Spirit will testify of our message, the person will feel it… But then, it’s their choice whether or not to do anything about it. It’s almost unbelievable to watch. The natural man gets in the way of what our Spirit knows is right- whether it be insecurity, or prejudice, or pride, or any other kind of worldly roadblock.

Now, there is always that infernal concern of knowing what is a good choice to make when both choices seem harmless, or what does it matter if I make a bad choice if I’m the only one that’s affected, or why do I bother making good choices if nothing turns out right anyway?  Making blind choices is never a wise idea and Heavenly Father never intended us to stumble through life without direction. 

“…knowing good from evil; to act for themselves and not to be acted upon…” (2 Nephi 2:26)

  We are generally educated via the examples around us – our parents, faith and the instructions God has provided through ancient and modern-day prophets – to know right from wrong and therefore choose (according to wisdom) what forces we allow to influence our choices; to decipher whether they be forces of good or forces of evil.  We are free to act for ourselves…with advice.

As teachers, watching those we love make choices that harm themselves, we’ve been given a little piece of insight into how Heavenly Father feels every day as He watches us try to fumble through life in our own way, when it would be so simple to heed His guidance. We often talk about how life isn’t fair. Who’s on the short end of the stick? Heavenly Father has given us every single tool and instruction we could possibly need, including giving us the greatest gift He could- His Son, and yet we still can’t seem to make the right choices.

   So, how do we ensure that we are always able to make a good choice?  Well, by choosing to rely upon He who is perfect and choosing to be patient and forgiving of ourselves when we do err and make mistakes; we are not perfect, but in making that decision to strive to do better the choices we make will be guided by the Spirit and the ones that mistakenly aren’t, will be covered by the Atonement of Jesus Christ – if we choose to trust in Him.


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