A Blank Page Knows No Limits

According to competent advice and in correlation with gathered experience, the hierarchy of law in regards to creative writing cannot always be associated with the general laws of logic and common sense- unless they are applied with acquired skill plus natural talent.

 Critical thinking brands the majority of mankind as lacking in either or both.

 Putting pen to paper with minimal process of thought and involvement often yields the more satisfying product of unlimited, boundless creation– free of grammatical restrictions, free of paranoia, bred by the prospect of readership and judgment, free of self made obstacles that measure intelligence and individuality through style and vocabulary. Once the draft is complete, these other laws- that are available and acquirable by most of mankind- can be applied to the refining and improving of the work once the foundation of the masterpiece is laid.

 Such is the same in allowing the Spirit to guide us in the various walks of life we each take. In being open and unhindered by the restrictions of mankind, the more magnificent part of ourselves is available for our Heavenly Father to direct and mold into flourishing characters in thrilling plots that we are then able to refine and improve by following the laws and principles that He has made and that we are all able to acquire and apply… Heavenly Father is our limitless Creator and He created something truly magnificent, for He created you and me.


One response to “A Blank Page Knows No Limits

  1. This is a very valid and important observation. I know that the more you live in harmony with the principles of heaven, the more in tune you will be to the promptings of the Spirit. Then, as we are ‘brave’ enough to follow those promptings, we receive even more direction! And, the thing is, it never fails (well, He never fails!)

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