He Made You This Way

Lately, as I’ve observed many people of various gifts and talents, I’ve found myself wishing I, too, could have some of their attributes. In these moments, if I’m listening in my heart, the still small voice whispers, “But I didn’t make you that way”. As I’ve thought about this, I’ve decided to trust my Heavenly Father on it. He knew exactly what He was doing when He made me, with a specific purpose in mind. With that perspective, not only do I feel better about myself, but it’s so much easier to commend others for their strengths. As my eyes are opened, I can see the harmony that Heavenly Father has created with a tapestry of rich, various designs for each of His children.

I’ve been especially enlightened as a missionary, because we’re often assigned a companion with whom we might never have otherwise been willing to work. Yesterday, our mission president’s wife, Sister Christianson, said that, “transfers are right, but Heavenly Father expects US to make them work!”. Once I learned to trust that President Christianson made our assignments by inspiration, I became very motivated to find out what Heavenly Father wanted me to learn with each companion. Even when it was difficult, in each companionship that I’ve had, we’ve stuck it out until we learned to work together. In doing so, I’ve discovered strengths that I never knew I posessed- Simply because I had never been around someone who illuminated that side of me! Heavenly Father created each of us differently so that our strengths could cooperate in accomplishing His plan.

“Through… teachings… which are found recorded in the sacred scriptures, the Savior left all mankind sufficient teachings for each one to understand himself, and to find his own true identity. It comes only through knowledge of and obedience to the commandments. Once it does come, the thoughts, “I’m not worth anything—I’m just a nobody,” will have no place in our lives… “Scripture reading enables [man] to see life, not alone from the human point of view, but in some degree from God’s”

“In the scriptures man finds that he belongs to a whole, of which God is a part. Belonging to such a whole gives him a sense of the value of his own soul, but seen in relation to God reveals his dependence and hence his subordination. … Thus, a devout use of the scriptures nourishes the spiritual life with a calm that displaces the doubts and anxieties which paralyze mankind.” (Finding One’s Identity)

Heavenly Father doesn’t expect us to stumble along, blindly running into one gift here and maybe a talent there. He gave us the tools to get to know Him, and in turn to get to know ourselves- the way He knows us.


One response to “He Made You This Way

  1. This blog is perfectly suited to someone that I know and care about very much… actually, more than one person. Inspired words! Keep it up!

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