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My Story

I hope that in sharing this, I might be able to uplift someone who’s walking where I’ve walked. Please take what you can from it, and share it with those you know who need it most.


Paved with Good Intentions

I read a quote this week that said, “The road to success would be a lot more crowded if so many people didn’t get off looking for a shortcut”, and it motivated me like you wouldn’t believe! It opened my eyes to realize that every single time I wish I could get out of something, I’m really just looking for a shortcut and hoping I’ll have the same end result! Shame on me!

This can apply to success in every area of our lives: physical health, financial success, spiritual growth, relationships, education, you name it. I know what road I want to be on, and I know what it takes to get there. Heavenly Father has laid it out clearly:

“Your success and happiness, both now and in the eternities, depend largely on your responses to the difficulties of life… Although your responses to adversity will vary, one response should be constant- your trust in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ… When you trust in the Father and the Son, you are confident that They love you perfectly- that They want you to be happy and that They will help you grow spiritually… You seek to know Their will, and you do what They require even when YOU desire something else.” (Adversity)

If I applied for a position as a surgeon, without having fulfilled the requirements of medical training, the hospital administrators would probably get a good laugh out of it, and then throw my resume in the garbage. Why would I expect Heavenly Father to allow me to progress if I didn’t fulfill the requirements He has set?

If we go through life doing anything less than what our Heavenly Father has asked of us, we are taking shortcuts that hurt ourselves more than anyone, by depriving us from the plan for growth and blessings that He has for each of us.